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Enterprise leaders user Zeet to increase the collaboration and efficiency of their developers and infrastructure teams. One dashboard for all your software organization's needs.
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Leverage Blueprints to streamline your infrastructure

Blueprints allow your team to create and consume infrastructure and service templates to drive compliance and security across your team.

Official Blueprints by Zeet

Leverage Production-ready infrastructure and service templates to give your team a head start.

Create custom Blueprints

Capture security and compliance configuration in templates your developer team can leverage without needing to involved DevOps.

Zeet changes the way LiveKit does business

"We plan to expand to about 15 data centers in the next year to improve distribution for our users. Having a consistent infrastructure stack that we can scale up is crucial for us."

David Zhao

Co-founder & CTO, LiveKit
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Everything under one roof

Centralize operations across your team

One dashboard for everyone

With everyone in the same UI, it's easy to onboard new users, and everyone knows where to look for configurations.

Teams should work together

Development and Infrastructure live in the same place, making it easy for both sides of your engineering team to work together.

Collaboration within your teams

One deployment workflow means developers can work in parallel to each other and collaborate effectively.

Get everyone involved in the development process with a developer platform

One easy-to-use dashboard that anyone on the team can use, from SRE and DevOps, to developers and even sales.

Developer self-service

Your developers can deploy organizationally-compliant applications and infrastructure self-service, saving everyone time.

Anyone on the team can deploy

Empower anyone on your team to deploy. Make a sale? Have the AE create the customer instance. Anyone can do it.

SaaS, programmatic, Sales-led

Deploy SaaS applications, API-triggered deployments, or even sales-triggered deployments.

And so much more...

Save your DevOps and SREs time, and empower everyone on your team to make contributions to your product engineering efforts.

Leveraged by the Enterprises Big and Small

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Cloud Features for Enterprise Teams


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In conclusion, the case study on streamlining cloud operations underscores the significant benefits of optimizing cloud processes. The implemented solution resulted in a 40% reduction in operational costs, generating substantial financial savings. Additionally, the organization witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in overall productivity, driving significant growth.

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By streamlining workflows, optimizing resource allocation, and leveraging automation, the organization achieved enhanced efficiency and agility. The 50% faster application deployment further contributed to improved competitiveness and time-to-market.

This case study highlights the tangible advantages of simplifying cloud operations in today's fast-paced business landscape. Organizations that embrace streamlined cloud processes can expect cost savings, productivity gains, and a competitive edge. It serves as a valuable reference for organizations seeking to leverage cloud technologies effectively and thrive in the digital era.

Product Operations

Batteries are included from day 1 with Zeet.

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Zeet is a PAAS in your cloud(s), meaning all your complex cloud operations are just one click away with the Zeet UI or API.


Centralize your infrastructure operations across multiple clouds and make those operations accessible to your developers.

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Global PoPs

Manage cloud resources from data centers around the globe with one dashboard. Whether you're using one cloud provider, or 10, manage all your cloud Points of Presence (PoPs) with one dashboard.

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Infrastructure Metrics Tracking with Prometheus

Zeet-provisioned Kubernetes Cluster, and hook up all of your applications to it so that all of your container and node stats are available to you. We additionally provide a glimpse into this ocean of data via our Metrics tab, where we highlight a few metrics (CPU, Memory, Network In/out, Disk Usage) that we've identified as commonly requested.

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This enables less-sophisticated developers to quickly ascertain the status of a deployment, and provides a solid foundation for more sophisticated teams to build their observability stack off of.

Custom Environment Variables

Configure custom environment variables across your project, environments, and cloud resources to easily manage secrets and other context-level variables.

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Preview Branches

While iterating, developer can provide a deployed URL to other stakeholders which can be used to preview their changes before going to prod. This is especially important for frontend teams collaborating with design teams, who need to make rapid visual iterations cross functionally but don't want to deploy to customers each time.

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Serverless Support

You can deploy code to a Serverless framework directly from Zeet. No cloud consoles, no scaling, just select a repo.

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Failover Support

With Zeet, you can have multiple clouds configured, and if you ever need to deploy or hhave a redundant stack running, it's as easy as changing the destination of your cloud service deploys.

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Rolling Deploy

Every time they commit, Zeet goes through the rigorous process of guaranteeing that the code is functional before putting it in front of end users.

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Log Centralization

With our Log-integrations, you can easily pipe your logs directly to a log provider of your choosing.

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We allow you to see all of your old builds (and accompanying configuration) for an application or services in one place, and you can just as easily click into one and re-deploy it with the associated configuation it had at the time of build, on your main branch or a preview branch.

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Datadog Logging

With our Datadog logging integration, you can send your logs directly to Datadog.

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Datadog APM & Metrics

With datadog's infrastructure moniroting integration, you can send you application and infrasturcutre analytics directly to your Datadog account in just a few clicks.

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AWS Marketplace

Zeet is on the AWS marketplace, meaning you can purchase Zeet directly through AWS. With the AWS Marketplace integration, you get one cloud bill to cover both your cloud costs, and your Zeet plan.

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Easy ML/AI infrastructure is here

Leverage Zeet’s deployable templates to unlock the power of cloud infrastructure, while saving time and money.